Open your Business Bank Account in Dubai, UAE

UAE Offshore or Freezone entities (Onshore) are the best solution for opening corporate Bank Accounts

Our firm aids its clients to open any kind of bank account within the UAE by considering their individual requests and needs according to the banking services, required minimal deposit, fees and type of bank account available.

Oxford Consultants DMCC is pleased to inform that its UAE Bank Account opening success rate stands at 98%. The high success rate is attributed to the fact that Oxford Consultants DMCC ensures that its clients fulfil and conform to all the requirements set by the bank before applying.

Oxford Consultants DMCC are designated introducers for the majority of reputable and leading UAE banks.

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About Having Corporate Bank Accounts in Dubai

UAE residents or individuals who incorporate companies in the UAE can apply and obtain bank accounts in Dubai or in any other emirate as long as they meet the criteria set by the UAE banks including the UAE Central bank.

Please see below the definition of a UAE resident, for your information:

An individual who works for a UAE company and therefore obtains and maintains the residency visa through his/her employer.

An individual who has incorporated a UAE company and therefore applied and obtained his/her residency visa as the owner.

An individual who has purchased a property in the UAE and has applied and obtained his/her residency visa through his/her property; this is only applicable when the value of the property is either 1 million dirhams or above.

Individuals who own UAE offshore entities, regardless of having residency or not, can apply and obtain a corporate Dubai bank account for their entity.

Individuals who own UAE Onshore (Free Zone) companies can also apply and obtain a corporate bank account for their entity.


Why having a corporate bank account in Dubai? 

Dubai is a popular option for having your businesses and maintaining your bank accounts. 

Dubai is located strategically between Europe, Asia and Africa.  This is one of the reasons, among many more, as to why Dubai is an ideal place for setting-up your businesses and maintaining your bank accounts.

Many foreign investors choose Dubai for activities such as international trading (import and export), logistics, tourism, hospitality, consulting, event management and much more.

Dubai is located in the middle of the country coast stretching along 400 miles. It has access both to the sea and has one of the largest airports in the world, through which Dubai facilitates transportation of goods between the East and the West. Thus, Dubai has an access to 2.5 billion plus consumer markets situated in the Gulf, Africa, Asia, CIS countries and Europe.

All the above are important reasons for having a bank account in Dubai.

Key Benefits of a business Bank Account in Dubai

Requirements for Business Bank Account in Dubai

Suggested UAE Free Zone Incorporations for Corporate and Personal Bank account opening

Many foreign investors choose to incorporate UAE Offshore entities such as RAK ICC (also known as RAK Offshore) and thus having bank accounts in Dubai.  Other foreign investors also choose to incorporate UAE Onshore entities such as free zone that allow 100% foreign ownership. Some of the well-known free zones are called DMCC Free Zones, RAKEZ Free Zones, Dubai South Free Zones and much more enabling its investors to live and work in the UAE and maintaining bank accounts. 

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